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Who Are The Barelwis (Razakhanis/Quburis)?

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.

A question that frequently crops up among the wider Muslim community is of the identity of the Barelwis. The Deobandis are well-known throughout the Islamic world because they are a scholarly group and their books have carried their identity far and wide. Since the Barelwis are a non-scholarly group, usually operating locally at a sub-intellectual level with no connection to the Qur'an and Sunna, their beliefs and acts are often incomprehensible to the Muslims outside the Indo-Pak region. Mawlana Ilyas Ghuman has written a book on this firqa-e-batilah and put it online for Urdu readers. I hope that an English translation will come up soon. 

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A new book has been put online by Mawlana Ilyas Ghuman, dealing with the Barelwi sect: 

The book consists of 617 pages. It is divided in 10 chapters. 

The first chapter deals with the founder of the Barelwi sect: Ahmad Raza Khan and his so-called mastery of the Islamic sciences.  

The second chapter(p. 210) mentions the specific beliefs of the Barelwi sect:  1. Knowledge of the Unseen 2. Present and Seeing 3. Mukhtar Kull 4. Nur and Bashar 5. Calling others than Allah for Help. 

Third chapter deals with the filthy and offensive beliefs of the Barelwis.  

Chapter 4 deals with the teaching of the Barelwis and innovations such as building over graves, putting clothes on graves, kissing the thumbs, performing chaleeswa, performing dua after the funeral prayer etc. 

Chapter 5 deals with the shameless stories prevalent in the Barelwi literature.

Chapter 6 deals with the Barelwi views surrounding the 2 holy places.

Chapter 7 deals with Barelwism and their view of the movement for the creation of Pakistan. 

Chapter 8 deals with the takfir of Muslims by Barelwi scholars. Takfir of the scholars of Deoband, Nadwa, Khilafat movement etc. 

Chapter 9  deals with the views of scholars about Barelwism and mentions the quotes about Barelwis being in favour of the British. 

Chapter 10 states the list of those books written against the Barelwi sect. Books written by Ml. Chandpuri, Ml. Manzur Nu’mani, Ml. Sarfraz Khan, Ml. Khalid Mahmud, Ml. Muhammad Ramazan Nu’mani and others.

'Alaykum Salam.

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