Monday, 27 February 2012

Kill Bashar Assad: Shaykh A'idh al Qarni.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
Islamic propagandist and thinker, Dr. Aidh al-Qarni, said that the Syrian army should reject killing orders by "the tyrant butcher" Bashar al-Assad, as that is obedience to a creature incurring wrath of the Creator.
"Syrian People, under religious duty, must carry arms in the face of this regime," said Qarni. He quoted Dr. Abdul-Kareem Bakar, a Syrian religious scholar, as saying that he intends to issue a statement to be signed by 500 religious scholars with a fatwa stipulating that people must carry arms against the Syrian regime.
He added, "It is supposed that scholars and preachers say the truth in front of massacres committed by the Syrian regime," asserting in a statement to Al Arabiya TV channel that the Syrian regime and Bashar al-Assad lost legitimacy and he is perishing and drowning and the Syrian army should save itself from this damaged boat.
Qarni considered Bashar al-Assad with no legitimacy and he is a killer and should be prosecuted and killed, adding that if anybody finds a way to kill him he should do that due to fatwa of Muslim religious scholars.
Dr. Qarni sent a message to the Syrian army that its duty to protect homeland and the Golan Heights not to turn to kill its people. Qarni spoke to Bashar as saying, "Do you have a whit of shame and drop of blood. You rule Syria and vote in the referendum of constitution after what you have done"
He as well issued fatwa that those who can bear arms should not hesitate in doing so and fight against Assad and his regime, because Association of Muslim Scholars issued fatwa on that jihad is obligatory for Syrian People.
Wa salam.

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