Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fear Not! Alcohol & Nudity Will Flow In Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood!

Al Salamu 'Alaykum,

A piece of news that will chill your hearts and make your blood run cold. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood does not intend to ban alcohol and nudity and western-style vacations in its country in order to prevent financial losses.
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon.

"The Egyptian party of Muslim Brothers, which won a victory in two rounds of parliamentary elections, has officially announced that tourists do not need to be afraid of "Islamization" of Western vacations in their favorite resorts.

Rumors that the Sharia law will be introduced in this area are spread by supporters of the ousted President Hosni Mubarak, assured the deputy chairman of the "brothers", Essam el-Erian. 
"No citizen who makes a living from this branch need to be worried. Our goal is to attract annually 20 million tourists to Egypt", he said in a statement. 
During the Mubarak rule, Egypt was visited by the 12 million tourists annually, but now this number was reduced to a minimum, report the "Israeli" media. 
At the last round of voting, the Muslim Brotherhood and so-called "Salafis" (center in Alexandria) gained about two-thirds of the votes.

After that, there were fears that tourists in Egypt would be deprived of alcohol and that there would be separate sunbathing and swimming beaches for men and women.

About two weeks ago, Egyptian media reported that a leading presidential candidate from the so-called "Salafis" Hazem Salah Abou Ismail promotes the idea of ​​"sinless tourism". Women would be banned under threat of arrest to appear on beaches in bikinis. In addition, a law was said to be planned to prohibit alcohol, gambling and even bathing together, he said.

But as it turned out that these prohibitions do not threaten the Egypt's tourism industry. The papers write that the so-called "Islamists" understand that tourism is a major source of foreign currency earnings for the treasury of the country. Prior to the overthrow of Mubarak, the industry employed about 13% of the workforce and was responsible for 10% of the GDP.

The papers report that many hotels are on the verge of bankruptcy as a result of revolutionary events . Losses for the entire year of the revolutionary may exceed $ 4 billion. Apparently, the so-called "Islamists" believe that additional measures to tighten the "tourist industry" could make bankrupt a significant portion of the population.

Meanwhile, any Muslim who sincerely believes in Creator, knows well the truth of Islam, which says that food is entirely in the hands of Allah, Who gives to whom He wishes and retains from whom He wishes. 
For any sincere Muslim, it is clear that Egypt's tourism industry in its current form is haram. A fear to be deprived of property because of the abandonment of haram is characteristic for disbelievers.

But apparently, this truth does not fit into the heads of Egyptian pseudo-Islamists wishing to become a part of the global system of infidelity who diversify it with exotic Islamic elements instead of establishing the Sharia of Allah."

'Alaykum Salam.


  1. I'm a curious fellow. What can sharia law bring to the table? Will sharia law bring forth prosperity and justice? If so, why is it not the most sought after ideology?

    Sharia law has to contain something that is obviously desirable and far superior to nudity, alcohol and western-style practices. Somehow someway, proponents of sharia law have to prove that imposing hijab on women will be better than her walking around in the streets as she pleases;that the halal, righteous lifestyle is better than what Allah(SWT) has prohibited.

    Remember that opponents will try to paint the battle as sharia vs. freedom. You will be hard pressed to find anything more desirable than freedom and those willing to sacrificing total freedom and democracy for it.

    I am muslim myself and I believe in Allah and his law. As a matter of fact, I implement it strictly in my lifestyle, yet I don't see sharia law as something...worth attaining. Like a lofty goal.


    1. Mason Kaid, Sharia Law will bring prosperty and justice if its implemented rightly. Islam is a System and not only a religion (tht has its belivor around). If Islam is applied to its enterity (Eco.,Social, Edu.,Politcal systms.) than results will be evident...