Monday, 9 January 2012

Keep Rushdie Out - Deoband.

Salamun 'Alaykum.
The author of the "Satanic Verses", Salman Rushdie is slated to visit India later this month to attend the Jaipur Literary Festival. The same government that refused to issue visas to foreign Muslim speakers who wished to attend Zakir Naik's conference has given Rush_to_die a visa with alacrity. Hadrat Mawlana Abul Qasim Nu'mani, VC of Dar al 'Uloom Deoband, the top Islamic Seminary in India and arguably in the entire Islamic world slammed the Union Government's decision. He said that this act was an inappropriate one.

He also asked Muslim organizations in this country to oppose Rushdie's visit. He further said that Deoband was sending a letter to the PM and if the permission was not withdrawn, then they would write to the External Affairs Minister as well as the Congress Party Head, Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Those who want to see the reportage of the secular media can go to this link:

'Alaykum Salam.

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