Sunday, 13 November 2011

Child Trafficking in Argentina.

ARGENTINA - The recent discovery of the evil baby trafficking schemes put in place in Spain by catholic nuns and priests who stole more than 300,000 babies from mother-baby homes has proven to be an organized crime scheme employed by the Catholic Church in multiple countries.

The New York Times has just published an alarming article that speaks of the Victoria Montenegro case, which unveils how this innocent woman was stolen as a baby by nation’s top military leaders engaged in a systematic plan to steal babies - and of those involved is no one other than the Catholic Church - exactly how they conducted the scheme in Spain during the Franco era. Once again you see how the Vatican and the State work hand in hand to implement crimes against humanity.

The New York Times article unveils how 
Jorge Rafael Videla, who led the military during Argentina’s dictatorship, stands accused of leading the effort to take babies from mothers in clandestine detention centers and give them to military or security officials, or even to third parties, on the condition that the new parents hide the true identities. Mr. Videla is one of 11 officials on trial for 35 acts of illegal appropriation of minors. The trial is also revealing the complicity of officials of the Roman Catholic ChurchThe abduction of an estimated 500 babies was one of the most traumatic chapters of the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983. There has been frantic effort by mothers and grandmothers to locate their missing children - just like it is happening in Spain.

As expected, the Catholic Priests and bishops in Argentina justified their support of the government on a supposed "national security concerns". After all, they always utilize the name of Christ and motto of so-called "charity work" to disguise their evil. They even defended that the child abductions were a way to ensure they were not “contaminated” by leftist enemies of the military, said Adolfo P√©rez Esquivel, a Nobel Prize-winning human rights advocate who has investigated dozens of disappearances and testified at the trial last month. They sang the same song in the evil OPERATION PETER PAN of Cuba, where the Catholic Church abducted 14,000 Cuban children to "keep them from the harm of the Castro ruling". Today, we know of the significant profits made from each child sold into adoption, from the income generated for each child placed in orphanages, and the stories of abuse, torture speak for themselves.

But now that more and more victims around the world are speaking out about the organized crime schemes put in place, the world is now learning how the Vatican tentacles have infiltrated the nations, trafficking babies and selling them into an evil adoption scheme around the world.
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The New York Times also reported that Church officials in Argentina and at the Vatican declined to answer questions about their knowledge of or involvement in the covert adoptions. They have once again attempted their silence game, just like they have done in Ireland regarding the30,000 children abuse in residential schools, just like they did in Canada regarding the 150,000 native children abused in residential schools, and just like they have refused to speak about the300,000 babies stolen in Spain and sold into adoptions. The Catholic Church to-date remains silent about the 30,000 women the nuns tortured in Ireland's Magdalene Laundries. They have refused to speak about the 500,000 children stolen and migrated from Great Britain into Australia. Is this all starting to sound familiar now? Perhaps you were not yet aware that Australia has recently been speaking out about the 500,000 women who were coerced by the nuns into giving up their babies into adoption - but of course they would claim this was the "right thing to do" to repent from so-called "sin" for having a baby out of wedlock - after all, each child sold brought in astronomical profit for the criminal organization known worldwide as the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

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